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Longio Mythos Tourbillon White Jade Watch

China based Longio is a watch brand and supplier. I have praised them in the past for imbuing their designs with some interesting Chinese character as opposed to just mimicking European designs. Longio’s proudest model for 2011 is this Mythos watch with a tourbillon movement, 18k gold hand-engraved Phoenix on the dial, and a case and bracelet made out of white jade. The Mythos may not be a watch I would consider my style, but it is really interesting and attractive. Longio further claims that this is the first watch ever with a case and bracelet made out of white jade (the most valuable form of jade).

The Mythos is made as a one-of-a-kind timepiece and contains a Swiss-made tourbillon movement with an exposed tourbillon carriage. The black dial contrasts well with the golden Phoenix bird. I wonder if we will start to see more jade cased watches, it could happen.

March 28, 2011

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