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Since the beginning of East Watch Review, I've always tried to find unique and interesting items to write about. I'll be honest…that hasn't always been easy. I don't think anyone inside or outside of China will object to the fact that many modern Chinese watch brands simply blend a variety of popular design elements taken from famous international brands, and sprinkle them with bits and pieces of what's trending domestically. China has always been known for its speed and efficiency, but not always for its originality. That's definitely changing. There are a few brands who aren't afraid to take risks and move in a completely original and unique direction, and those are what I hope to bring you more of here. One look at Longio's Telamon or Asmara watches and the words “original” and “unique” simply aren't descriptive enough.

自从开始创建East Watch Review以来,我一直在试着寻找很独特并且很有趣的手表来评述描写。说实话……这并不总是一件很容易的事。我不认为中国内外的任何一个人会反对这样一个事实:许多现代的中国手表品牌只是将各种流行的设计元素与国际知名品牌的设计元素相融合,并将此组合撒在国内流行趋势上。中国一直以其办事速度与效率著称,但是创意方面并不总是独创的。这一点绝对是正在改变中。中国有几个品牌是不怕冒着风险,并完全向着原创与独特的方向移动,这些都是我希望能在这里带给您们的。当看到LONGIO的Telamon 和 Asmara手表,“原创的”与“独特的”根本不足以描述这两块表。

Founded in 1996 by Mr. Mi Changhong, Longio began as an O.E.M & O.D.M producer for various European and American brands. When Longio finally started putting their own name on watches, international recognition as being one of China's finest and most original watch brands came soon thereafter.


When I visited the Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair in June, I was extremely lucky to finally meet Ron Good. I was literally on the platform about to step on the train to Hong Kong when he messaged me to come back and meet “some of the most important people in the industry.” That couldn't have been a truer statement. Ron introduced me to Mr. Li Wei, leader of the Domestic Horology Department of the China Horologe Association, and after two days of mostly being ignored, I was suddenly going booth to booth in straight up VIP-style checking out some amazing watches. Following this, we were all invited to dinner with Mr. Mi and his family, and that ended one of the most amazing and important days so far in my watch-world experience.

当我在六月去参观深圳钟表展时,我非常幸运地见到了Ron Good。当我在站台上即将踏上去香港的火车时,Ron Good给我发了条短信说让我回去展厅,并且要给我介绍一些行业中最重要的人士。Ron把我介绍给了李伟先生,他是中国钟表协会国内钟表部门的领导,经过两天大多数展台对我的忽视,突然间,我跟贵宾似的走进各个展台去欣赏一些惊人的手表。在这之后,我们都一起被米先生邀请与他和他的家人共进晚餐,那是我在手表世界中体验过最美妙最重要的一天。

More recently Mr. Mi has been expressing his artistic side with the newer collection of Mi Time Art watches, which showcase some insanely intricate hand-craftsmanship. And there is also a lesser expensive (but no less interesting, believe me) dive watch line called Dagger coming soon. I'll write in more detail about Mi Time Art and Dagger later.

最近,米先生在新的Mi Time Art手表收集中表达了他艺术的一面,并且展示了一些错综复杂的手工手表工艺。其外还有一批相比较不太昂贵的(但不是特别有趣的)潜水手表被称为Dagger即将上市。我会更详细地描写一篇关于Mi Time Art 和 Dagger的评述。

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